Never Over The Hill Cosmetics (LLC)

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Never Over The Hill Cosmetics  (A "NOTCH" above the rest!)
Never Over The Hill Cosmetics offers the very best in anti-age, skin protecting and eyelash enhancing cosmetics to consumers of any generation.  We use stable, botanical emollients to create functional cosmetic products that work for you as intended.  We offer these products at consumer friendly prices because we produce them directly from the cosmetic chemist to you using state of the art "just in time" production techniques.  We have no Executive Department, no Marketing Department, no Advertising Department and no massive warehouse.  We are not a corporate conglomerate with huge overhead costs. Therefore, we can afford to pass the savings on to you.  We can also formulate with the very best natural raw materials because pure profit is not our goal.  Thankfully, we are not forced to use cheap, unstable, unproven, or synthetic raw materials in order to cut costs.  Our goal is simply to deliver state-of-the-art products that work as intended at a price you can afford.  Our online store and eBay sales formats are fast, efficient, trustworthy and contact through e-mail keeps you up to date on all of your orders.  We now have a Shopping Cart option that takes you to our internet store.  Purchases of all our products can be made there safely, and securely, using the popular PayPal method.  We thank you for your interest in our company!

All of our products can be purchased on eBay, or at our online store:

A tab, linking you to the online store, can be found at the top of this page:  "shopping cart"

Sandy Hill  Vice President, Formulator                                            John C. Hill  President, Chief Formulator

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