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Legal Disclaimer
Never Over The Hill Cosmetics L. L. C. holds itself to a higher standard than most other cosmetic related companies. The President and Chief Formulator for the company previously worked as a rocket scientist making solid rocket fuel for NASA and the armed forces. Anything less than 100% perfection was, and still is completely unacceptable. This same mind-set has carried over into Never Over The Hill Cosmetic (NOTCH) products and services. We strive for 100% perfection at all times, and we currently exceed the proposed cGMP (Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Procedures) guidelines under review by the cosmetic industry, although that standard is not in effect at this time for any company in the cosmetic industry.
Never Over The Hill Cosmetics L.L.C., its owners and employee(s) will not be held responsible for any adverse results obtained from the purchase or sampling of any NOTCH cosmetic product, whether effective; safe; harmful or otherwise.

All products purchased from Never Over The Hill Cosmetics go through a rigorous series of quality control checks and balances. Every batch is created by two man teams that check every raw material and every amount added to a batch. No errors are allowable and none will be missed. Then, before any batch is put up for consumer purchase, the owners and operators of Never Over The Hill Cosmetics use some of the batch on themselves in trial consumer testing. This "self-test" is one of the “higher standards” that we adhere to which insures that the product works as advertised and was not harmful in any way. Finally, two man teams work on loading each and every new container used to sell the cosmetic products to the consumer. Once the lid is closed and the product packaged for shipment, Never Over The Hill Cosmetics is sure that the product was pristine clean, and ready for safe customer use. We do take every precaution for your items to arrive clean, absolutely fresh, and uncontaminated.

The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requires that our cosmetics are not labeled to be a cure, treatment, or as otherwise noted disease preventable.

Consumers/customers are advised to conduct their own tests to determine efficacy, safety, and suitability of purchased cosmetic products whether used alone or in conjunction with other companies cosmetic products or raw materials. We will not be held responsible for irresponsible use of our products.

Never Over The Hill Cosmetics L.L.C., liability under this agreement shall be limited to replacing the product or refunding the customers purchase price, excluding shipping charges. Never Over The Hill Cosmetics L.L.C., shall not be liable for any claims by the customer including lost profits, damage to person, business, or goodwill or any other significant damages of any kind.

By acknowledging this contract and using this site, you accept without limitation all of the terms and conditions listed above in this User Agreement. You hereby waive all claims against Never Over The Hill Cosmetics L.L.C and its owner/employees arising from your use of this site, the information it contains and the products it sells.
John C. Hill
President and Chief Formulator
Never Over The Hill Cosmetics
a "NOTCH" above the rest!!
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