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New Product Launches
Total Tattoo Serum

Virtually all of the "sauves" that tattoo artists put on fresh tattoos are nothing more than an afterthought.  Everybody cares about the tattoo.... nobody cares about the skin or the ink after it is done.

Never Over The Hill Cosmetics cares!!  Our Total Tattoo Serum, which is under development, will be the most skin friendly and ink friendly serum on the market.  It will be specifically designed to keep the ink sharp and not faded.  It will keep the skin moist and resistant to scars or inflammation.

If you get a tattoo and do not use the "Total Tattoo Serum" you run the risk of faded, or spreading ink, skin irritation, skin inflammation or worse.

If you are interested in this product, write to me at and I will let you know when it will be available.

Don't get a tattoo without us!!
Both the E.Y.E.S. Enhance Your Eyelashes Serum, and the Moisturizing Self-Tanning Spray products were reformulated in the year 2013.  We adhere to a "continuous improvement" working environment at Never Over The Hill Cosmetics.  When it was learned that we could improve both of these formulas with the removal of some ingredients, and the addition of new state of the art ingredients, we did so.  Now both of these products work even better than before.  Try them today and witness the efficacy improvement!
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